A mother made a phone call to VAWA to present about her family’s situation.

Her 13 year old daughter has been bullied by the other girl in the same class that made difficulties for her study. She was often facing with the intimidation, name calling, put downs and threats. As a result of the bad behaviour from classmate, she was anxious, unsafe and not happy to attend class. The mother asked the VAWA worker’s advice.

We responded to this requirement immediately and went to school to discuss with counsellor some ways of dealing with the problem. In the meeting room that included 4 people (mother, student, welfare worker and counsellor), the victim told clearly about what the bullying girl made for her. All of us listened and expressed our deep sympathy to her misery.

The VAWA worker advised the mother and her daughter to be patient and believe on the school’s determination and fairness. The counsellor promised to make attempts to tackle this issue as soon as possible. He met the trouble-maker at the end of the day to find out the real reasons behind her treatment. Thank to a heap of great experience after 20 working years with students from many schools, he explored that the bully used the rude words and aggressive behaviours as a way of making herself feel more powerful to frighten and hurt those who more beautiful and smart than her. She can be motivated by jealousy and do not understand the amount of damage her behaviour causes. The counsellor explained to her the serious results for both sides of bullying.

The bully will be abandon from everyone, nobody agree with her manner. Furthermore, she would have to be punished by her wrong actions such as disciplines or suspension. In the other hand, the bullied persons will deal with sadness, confusion, depression or stress and sometimes they decide to move to the other school.

In the next early morning, the principal called phone to mother to notice that her request has been satisfactory. The girl admitted her stupid mistakes and promised to abide the school’s regulation as well as respect her friends, be friendly and never make any troubles to the other students again. As a result, the bullied girl has felt happier and more comfortable to continue her studying.

VAN 18/11/2013