A high school student often comes and visits VAWA. He has been exhibiting strange ideas and thoughts that appeared to be delusional.

He asked VAWA to help him a Centrelink income and look for a quiet place to training himself in 10 weeks to become a founder of a new religion (a branch of Taoism). He wanted to know the information to get a PhD degree. He also revealed about his discovery of physiognomy and needs support to protect copyright for that.

VAWA's workers have met some clients who displayed the symptoms of grandiose and religious delusions. These patients have an extremely exaggerated sense of their self-worth, knowledge, significance, personality or authority (they think they are the top politicians of the country), including the religious delusions such as the belief that one is Jesus Christ. Some could believe they are the famous writers or great inventors, rich or they have super human abilities. Delusions may include the false and constant ideas that the person is being followed or that the person's thoughts are being broadcasted for others to listen to.

VAWA expressed a positive and enthusiastic attitude to respond to this client's requirements. First of all, VAWA worked with Centrelink to ask for him a Youth Allowance. Secondly, VAWA promised to make efforts to look for him a quiet place. Thirdly, VAWA welcomed his aspiration to get a PhD, however VAWA told him that if he want to achieve this doctorate, he must finish a bachelor and continue to study few more years or do the research program in University. Therefore he should work hard from now. Finally, VAWA expressed the admiration for his invention and advised him to prepare his book carefully as well as a thorough reference list to send to the committee of copyright.

VAWA felt that his symptoms are not affecting his life at this time. VAWA referred him to the local psychological therapist to provide relief from distress and disability.