A young boy came to VAWA to present the following issues:

- Homeless youth

- Disability support pension

- Intellectual disability

He was living with parent and sister but sometimes he had difficulties in relationship with sister and father. Therefore he had wanted to move out.

He had a youth allowance but required to get the disability benefit for his medical conditions.

He dealt with the PTSD after a terrible car accident last year.

VAWA took actions to respond his requirements:

To help him to overcome the bad intellectual conditions, VAWA advised him should go to the counselling services to look for appropriate support, visits the local mental health professionals and especially, goes to see the GP (General Practitioners) to diagnose his disease and get the antidepressants that may help him to fell less sad, alone or worried.

VAWA followed up this case week after week and very surprised with the unbelievable results that this boy achieved after only a few months: his mother rented a new place for them, Centrelink accepted his disability pension and he has felt a better life with a three year apprenticeship. His symptoms of PTSD have reduced. VAWA sends congratulations to him.