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Some families meet financial hardship and their children have been hindered in their study. VAWA is willing to help them to overcome the situation by the ways such as a letter of support for a food voucher or in some cases is a scholarship. Students are the valuable properties of our country, therefore VAWA really concerns about their happiness and welfare. It is a daily prayer of VAWA's workers.


In Indo-Chinese communities, many parents have problems of domestic violence, drug and alcohol or gambling. As a result, they forget to look after, raise and educate their children. Some students neglect their duties, truant and become shoplifters, steal some items such as bags, clothes, groceries... Unfortunately, the shop owner discovered and noticed to the school. After that, a meeting between the principal and parent to discuss about the incident. Sometimes VAWA's workers played a role as an interpreter and a connection between family and school to help students to improve their study.


The career pathway is a major task for the youth's future. Many parents understand clearly their children and give them the reasonable advices. On the contrary, there are some parents do not know thoroughly the Australian educational system, TAFEs and universities with hundreds of faculties, thousands of subjects. If students do not understand to choose an appropriate path, they can be failed - 'a little errors may lead to a very great one'.

The risks and troubles can be occurred in the daily lives. In one early morning, VAWA's workers had received a call from the primary school's principal about the death suddenly of his student after a serious disease that makes a great shock to family. The funeral was still waiting for a biopsy to find out the reason of the accident. VAWA's workers made many phone calls to offer their condolences to the families, shared opinions and provided the necessary support.

There is a case that the mother was an in-patient for treatment, the father was a full-time worker, nobody look after children. VAWA contacted the local child care centres to suggest parents where they can send their children. Furthermore, VAWA wrote a letter to sponsor the family's relative to come to Australia to look after children. Sometimes workers make a home-visiting to observe and give some advices in protecting the safety of children.

VAWA organised the workshops to help parents to raise awareness about parenting skills, develop their cooking skill, save budget, improve English and computer to look for a job. VAWA also has the sport activities and the math and English tutoring courses for young people.

VAWA provides the free welfare services. The clients' information will be kept confidentiality. The office is not far from the shopping centre, next to the train and bus station. Many Cambodians, Laotians and Chinese have come, therefore Vietnamese people should come. A valuable and useful service must be used, otherwise you will be wasted your time and money!





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