Sometimes, we wonder why
friends keep forwarding emails to
us without writing a word,
maybe this could explain:

When you are very busy,
but still want to keep in touch,
guess what you do - you forward emails!


When you have nothing to say,
but still want to keep in contact,
you forward emails!


When you have something to say,
but don't know what,
and don't know how,
you forward emails!


To let you know that:
you are still remembered,
you are still important,
you are still loved,
you are still cared for,
you are still wanted, guess what you get?
A forwarded email from me.

So my friend,
next time if you get an email,
don't think that I have sent you just an email,
but that...

I Have Thought of You Today!


Please Send This To Your Friends
To Let Them Know

You're Thinking About Them